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  • Q. I've noticed some redness appearing around my nostrils and cheeks. Is there anything I can do?

    A. Absolutely. Without looking at you it is impossible to be certain. However, I would venture to guess you have developed telangiectasia, or broken capillaries, which is a very common condition as we age. One of the best cosmetic technology developed in the last 20 years is "Intense Pulsed Light" (IPL) laser procedures. This non-invasive technique differs from the CO2 lasers because it has an exceptional amount of versatility. Broken capillaries, age spots (liver spots, brown spots), skin surface irregularities, freckles, birthmarks (including port wine stains), hemangioma (red spots), photodamage (sun damage) and melasma can all be effectively and affordably addressed with intense pulsed light treatments. In fact, this versatile machine is also the workhorse for laser hair removal! The IPL treatment is basically a broad band of light that penetrates the skin and is attracted to pigment, fading it. A series of treatments are recommended for the best results, and we offer package savings for IPL treatment series.

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