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  • Q. I'm unhappy with the wrinkles I'm seeing on my forehead. Should I get Juvederm, Restylane or Botox?

    A. Botox. Botox (botulinim toxin) is very safe injectable that has been used for decades to temporary weaken muscle function. It is used for people suffering from nervous tics by injecting it into the irritable muscle, and, in recent decades, Botox has also been used to treat chronic headaches. For cosmetic purposes, cosmetic surgeons know that specific muscles are the culprits behind specific wrinkling. Botox addresses several areas: the glabella (area above the bride of the nose between the eyebrows), forehead and the outer aspects of the eyes (these lines are frequently called crow's feet or laugh lines). In the treatment, Dr. Schmid will pinpoint the muscles that are causing the wrinkles and inject them with Botox. The muscles are weakened and, over time, the wrinkles soften and subside. Fillers are quite literally that - they "fill" an area that has lost volume or an area that the patient would like to enhance. For example, very deep, carved out wrinkles can be injected will a filler to restore volume. Hollowness under the eyes, the nasolabial folds (the line from the outer aspect of the nostril to the outer mouth) are very common sites for injectable fillers. Fillers can also be used to enhance the volume of the lips and cheeks. The most common fillers are derived from a substance that naturally occurs in the body: hyaluronic acid.

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