Acne Fighting Facial

  • Common Name: Acne Fighting Facial
  • Alternate Name: facials, spa facial, acne treatments
  • Anesthesia Type: None / Topical Anesthesia
  • Recovery Time: None
About Acne Fighting Facial

If you or your teen struggles with acne breakouts of any kind, an acne fighting facial might be just the treatment to clear up the skin and boost self esteem. 

The acne facial treatment is great for white heads, black heads, clogged pores, enlarged pores or generally acne prone skin. The acne fighting facial is deep cleansing with extractions, a purifying clay mask and salicylic acid to uncover a smooth, clear complexion.

While one treatment will help your skin, for long term relief, we recommend regular facials every 4-8 weeks apart for optimal results.

Our facials aren't just therapeutic, you'll be treated to relaxing, pampering session. 

$75-30 minute  |  $115-60 minutes   |   $135-90 minutes

Ideal Candidate for Acne Fighting Facial

Teens and adults with mild to severe* acne. 

*Severe acne patients may be recommended an adjunct or alternate therapy to maximize results

Benefits of Acne Fighting Facial

The acne fighting facial benefits teens, men and women who suffer from breakouts of white heads, blackheads and clogged pores. The acne facial cleanses, clarifies and purifies the skin for noticeably less breakouts and overall healthier looking skin.

Risks and Limitations to Acne Fighting Facial

Patients with moderate to severe acne may benefit from a combination of acne facials and another therapy. Nutritional modifications may also be recommended. 

Results of Acne Fighting Facial and How Long Do They Last

The acne fighting facial is best performed on semi-regular basis. Our recommendation is usually every 4-8 weeks depending upon your condition.


Alternate Methods to Acne Fighting Facial

Prescription medication, other topical solutions, chemical peels and other treatments may also improve acne. These treatments are recommended based upon the severity and condition of your skin.