Men's Complete Facial

  • Common Name: Men's Complete Facial
  • Alternate Name: Facials, men's facials
  • Anesthesia Type: None / Topical Anesthesia
  • Recovery Time: None
About Men's Complete Facial

Get rid of dull skin with this deep cleansing facial customized just for your individual skin type. Focusing on exfoliation, a brightening skin mask, infusing antioxidants with steam and relaxing massage. Extractions if needed. Your skin will be healthy and firm.

Regular price is $90/facial. Buy a package of 4-5 facials and save 10%. Buy a package of 6 facials and get one free!

Ideal Candidate for Men's Complete Facial

Men who want to refresh their skin and maintain a firm appearance and complexion. 

Benefits of Men's Complete Facial

Exfoliation of dead skin cells, stimulation of collagen and more.