Get the Skinny on Lipo!

Get the Skinny on Lipo!

Body Contouring

Get the skinny on Liposuction!

Coloradoans are noted for their active lifestyles, enthusiasm for exercise and maintain a healthy weight both for their overall health and their appearance to themselves, their significant others, or a potential special someone. There isn’t a day traveling around Boulder, Longmont or Denver when you won’t see active people everywhere: cycling, hiking, leaving yoga class mat-in-hand, riding horses and more. It’s no wonder we want to look as good as we feel, and for some men and women, that desire leads them to undergo liposuction to rid themselves of areas of fat that are resistant to their commendable efforts.

There are a multitude of myths and facts about body contouring with liposuction. Lipo has a variety of common names and trade names that are associated with the instrumentation used by the surgeon. The most common terms you’ll hear are: lipo, liposculpture, tumescent liposuction and body contouring. Some common instrumentation used by surgeons are VASER LipoSelect (ultrasonic-assisted liposuction), SmartLipo, SmoothLipo and a host of others.

Liposuction can only be used on the body, not the face. This is false. Lipo is often used underneath the chin and into the cheeks to resculpt a more youthful jawline. It is often used to improve the results of a face lift, mid face lift or neck lift.

Liposuction can give me 6-pack abs. No doubt the cut abdomen is popular for both men and women. The answer to this question, however, relies on a variety of factors. First, male or female, you must be fit and at your ideal weight if you are looking for this type of high-definition lipo. Second, the surgeon must have an excellent eye for aesthetic harmony and experience in creating grooves that look natural. Third, some surgeons will add fat transfer to enhance the results. Fourth, special equipment, like VASER ultrasonic-assisted liposelect may be required for the best results.

You can’t have lipo in your 40s. While lipo does work best on skin that is elastic, and it is true that as we age we do lose some of that elasticity, liposuction is still used in middle age and later. This is a personal choice between you and your surgeon and how he or she feels your skin will best heal. A word of warning, smokers tend to lose elasticity of their skin far faster than those in good overall health.

Liposuction can jump-start your dieting efforts if you are 30 lbs or more overweight. Patently false. The only person who can kick off losing those extra pounds is you. Lipo is not a remedy for obesity. Your surgeon will likely suggest that you lose the excess weight and get within a “reasonable” weight range based on your height, weight and perhaps your BMI. The reason for this is the surgeon can achieve the best results when you are at a healthy weight.

I won’t gain weight back once I have lipo. Again, this is false. If you gain weight after your liposuction procedure, your body will re-distribute the excess fat in your body. Liposuction is also not a substitute for exercise. 

If you have questions about lipo, please call Dr. Schmid's office and set up a private, one-on-one consultation with him. 303.651.6846

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