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Dr. Peter Schmid is known not only for his expertise, but also for his patience, compassion and keen aesthetic eye in creating harmonious, natural looking results. Whether you choose face lifts, eye lifts (blepharoplasty), a nose job (rhinoplasty), laser skin rejuvenation or body contouring with liposuction, know that you are in healing hands.

From your initial consultation to your procedure, recovery and beyond, Dr. Schmid and his team of professionals are here to help you every step of the way. That is why thousands of men and women from Denver and the Front Range choose Dr. Peter Schmid.

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  • Reconstructive & Medical
    Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
    Common Name:  plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery, post-trauma surgery

    Whether you have experienced an unfortuante accident that caused traumatic injury, or if you have had to undergo a surgery to remove a cancerous tumor, Dr. Peter Schmid is an expert and reconstructing your appearance in the most natural and...Learn More

  • Facial Procedures
    Common Name:  Nose Job, Nose Surgery

    The nose is the most prominent facial feature. Every nose has individual shape, size and contour, and the nose significantly contributes to one’s overall appearance, character and even personality.  Rhinoplasty, or nose job, is a...Learn More

  • Male Specific
    Rhinoplasty for Men
    Common Name:  Nose job, nose surgery

    The nose is the most prominent facial feature. Every nose has individual shape, size and contour, and the nose significantly contributes to one’s overall appearance, character and even personality.  Rhinoplasty, or nose job, is a...Learn More

  • Non-Surgical & Injectables
    Common Name:  Vein Treatment, Spider Vein Treatment, Sclero

    Sclerotherapy is a non-invasive technique that diminishes superficial varicose veins and spider veins.

    Sclerotherapy treatments are injections of a sclerosing agent into the veins that creates a gradual fading of the treated vessels...Learn More

  • Facial Procedures
    Sculptural Fat Restoration (Aesthetic Rejuvenation by Volume) Peter M Schmid, DO, FAACS
    Common Name:  Fat Transfer, Fat Injection, Fat Grafting, Microlipoinjection, Structural Fat Grafting, autologous fat transfer, AFT Stem Cell Face Lift, Aesthetic Rejuvenation by Volume

    Facial aging reflects a complex interplay of facial volume loss and redistribution, with varying tissue sagging and a loss of skin elasticity over time. A number of factors contribute to the aging process such as lifestyle, habits, medical...Learn More

  • Reconstructive & Medical
    Septoplasty, Turbinoplasty, Septoturbinoplasty
    Common Name:  Septo, Septoturbs, Septum Surgery, Nose Surgery

    The septoplasty is designed to improve your nasal airway function caused by internal structural deformities. A septoplasty straightens the internal nasal septum, the midline cartilage and bony portion that divides your nose into a right and...Learn More

  • Reconstructive & Medical
    Sleep apnea surgery, Snoring surgery, UPPP, LAUP, RFA
    Common Name:  Snoring Surgery, Surgery for Breathing Problems, Sleep Apnea Surgery

    Some people my find snoring simply annoying, but serious problems can lead not only to strains in your relationships, but to more serious problems like sleep apnea. 

    Sleep apnea is when your throat becomes blocked during sleep....Learn More

  • Reconstructive & Medical
    Surgical Removal of Mouth and/or Throat Tumors
    Common Name:  Head and neck surgery, Oncological surgery, Mouth tumor, tongue tumor

    If you have been diagnosed with, or are susupicious that you might have, a tumor (unfamiliar growth) of the mouth or throat, it may be benign (very slow-growing or non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous). Some malignant tumors can be...Learn More

  • Reconstructive & Medical
    Thyroidectomy, Parathyroidectomy
    Common Name:  Thyroid Surgery, Thyroid Removal, Parathyroid Surgery

    A thyroidectomy (partial or total) and parathyroidectomy are surgeries to on specific endocrine glands that regulates specific critical body functions. The thyroid gland produces thyroid hormone (T3 and T4) which is released into the blood...Learn More

  • Body Contouring
    VASER High Definition Liposculpture
    Common Name:  VASER, liposuction, lipsculpture, lipo

    If you have struggled with weight gain and exercise and diet doesn'd eliminate the areas of fat that you would like to improve, VASER Lipo might be the answer for you. VASER uses a precise, minimally invasive technique to remove excess fat...Learn More

  • Non-Surgical & Injectables
    Volbella Injectable Filler
    Common Name:  Dermal Fillers, Volume Restoration, Injectable Filler, Hyaluronic Acid Filler

    Volbella is the FDA-approved injectable filler designed especially for lines around the lips, lip volumizing and lip contouring. It is appropriate for men and women and, because of its smaller particle size, can be used on men and women who...Learn More

  • Non-Surgical & Injectables
    Voluma XC
    Common Name:  Voluma, Juvederm, Voluma XC, Fillers, Cheek Augmentation, Facial Enhancement, Liquid Face Lift, Injectable Fillers, hyaluronic acid fillers

    Juvederm Voluma XC is the longest lasting injectable hyaluronic acid based filler for the improvement of volume loss in the cheek and midface area. Voluma XC...Learn More

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