• Medical Name: Mentoplasty
  • Common Name: Chin Augmentation, Chin Implant, Chin Reduction
  • Anesthesia Type: Local / IV Sedation
  • Procedure Duration: 1 hour or less
  • Recovery Time: Varies
  • Procedure Location: Office
About Mentoplasty

Mentoplasty, chin augmentation or chin reduction, is a surgery that brings the chin into proportion with the rest of the facial features. Chin augmentation or chin reduction may be performed on its own, or combined with other procedures. A rhinoplasty aids in creating harmonious proportion and is a common procedure to have with chin augmentation or reduction. Liposuction also may be added to improve the jawline.

For both men and women, facial bone structure is a key to attractiveness. An attractive profile view consists of balance, projection and proportion of the forehead, nose and chin. For women, attractiveness is strongly related to proportion with an emphasis on cheek bones and a soft, tapered jaw line. For men, attractiveness is often associated with a strong, angular chiseled look.

It is common to see men and women with under-projected or receding chins. A recessed chin strongly influences the profile by creating the illusion that the nose is more prominent than it actually is. When the chin is in harmony with the other facial features, the overall picture is harmonized. An under-projected chin may occur as a birth malformation, a developmental malformation or acquired deformity. The birth malformation occurs during fetal development and may be associated with a syndrome. The developmental malformation is the result of trauma to the jaw in infancy or youth. Acquired deformities occur as the result of an accident or injury. Under-projected chins are usually addressed with a chin implant.

Over-projected chins masculinize a profile or give an “old person” appearance. This can be the result of aging, teeth alignment or an oral-maxillofacial problem. Chin reduction surgery addressed the over-projected chin by shaving excessive chin bone to soften the projection.

Ideal Candidate for Mentoplasty

The ideal candidate for a chin augmentation or reduction is in general good health and has reasonable expectations for the procedure.

Benefits of Mentoplasty

Chin augmentation and chin reduction create harmony with the other facial features, especially the forehead and nose. Men and women often experience a boost in self-esteem and confidence after their procedure. Patients report a high satisfaction rate for chin surgery.

Risks and Limitations to Mentoplasty

Every surgery has risks of complications. Risks involved with chin augmentation and chin reduction include bleeding, infection, allergic reaction to sutures, scarring and temporary numbness.

Alternate Methods to Mentoplasty

There is no permanent alternative to chin augmentation or reduction.